Low cost, strong, white, padded, bubble-lined genuine jiffy bags, jiffy aircraft, made with thick tear resistant paper and self-adhesive strip for easy closure, various sizes to suit all ... Call us on 0191 2528825
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10 x Jiffy Padded Envelopes 260mm x 345mm (JL-5)

10 x Jiffy Padded Envelopes 260mm x 345mm (JL-5)
10 x Jiffy Padded Envelopes 260mm x 345mm (JL-5)
260 mm x 345 mm

10x Jiffy Padded Envelopes 260mm x 345mm (JL-5)

Here we have one of our greatest sellers - the famous Jiffy Airkraft brand Envelopes. We only stock the highest quality bubble lined envelopes and Jiffy are one of the biggest and best brands available in today's market. These envelopes are lined with bubble material with a special air retention barrier to seal every bubble. The Jiffy bags have a peel and seal strip for easy closure. High slip bubble inner for packing ease. Also called bubble bags, padded envelopes, and mailing bags. We also stock plain cardboard boxes and tapes to go with these envelopes.

Made from a durable bubble lined plastic.
Ideal for packaging purposes.
We also stock a full range of packaging products (boxes, tapes and bubble wrap).
We stock 9 sizes all in various pack sizes.

Jiffy Bag - JL000 - 90 x 145mm (Jewellery/watches)
Jiffy Bag - JL00 - 115 x 195mm (Small components)
Jiffy Bag - JL0 - 140 x 195mm (CD)
Jiffy Bag - JL1 - 170 x 245mm (DVD)
Jiffy Bag - JL2 - 205 x 245mm (Small giftware)
Jiffy Bag - JL3 - 225 x 320mm (Desk diary/software)
Jiffy Bag - JL4 - 245 x 320mm (A4/brochure)
Jiffy Bag - JL5 - 260 x 345mm (Books)
Jiffy Bag - JL6 - 290 x 445mm (Small clothing)
Jiffy Bag - JL7 - 340 x 445mm (A3)

1-4 £2.59 (26p per envelope)

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